by Vicki Notaro

So I’ve been fairly silent lately, and haven’t been updating my press cuttings either – bad journalist!

However, it isn’t because I’ve given up or become lazy – quite the opposite, I’ve been thankfully really busy. In fact, I sort of accidentally got myself a job! I was really enjoying freelancing, but an opportunity with the Irish Independent came up and I couldn’t refuse.

So I’m now acting Editor of the Monday supplement Health & Living, and Editor of FIT Magazine, the Thursday glossy magazine. BIg change, eh?!

I’m still freelancing when I have time (which is eh, never) mostly for U and IMAGE magazines. I also write for the main Independent newspaper whenever I get a chance too.

So things are going well! Apologies for the radio silence, and thanks for all the support.

Oh and those wondering about my fitness challenge? I lost 23lbs and 20 inches in 10 weeks, which was about 7 weeks ago now. I’ve probably gained about 4 pounds back, but I have a new training regime that should have me back down to goal and maintaining ASAP.

Vicki x